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Rapid Spa VIP Valet Service

Valet Options

Weekly Service: $60/Visit

Bi-Weekly Service: $75/Visit

Monthly Service: $99/Month

Other Services

  • Drain Span & Clean Interior of Spa
  • Fill Spa, Clean Cover & Cabinet, Rinse Filter
  • Balance Chemicals
  • Includes Rapid Spa Metal ProtectRapid Spa Liquid Copper
  • Remove & Clean Copper Cell
  • Perform Valet Service
  • Drain & Clean Interior of Spa
  • Suck Out Every Jet, Intake & Filter Area
  • Open Every Union & Drain Plug
  • Reconnect All Unions & Replace Drain Plug
  • Perform Refill Service on Spa
  • Balance Water
  • Perform Complete Valet Service
  • Drain Spa
  • Disconnect Electrical Power Source From Spa
  • Move Spa to New Location
  • Connect Spa to Existing Power
  • Disconnect Spa from Power
  • Remove and Dispose of Spa
  • Deep Soak in Filter Cleaner
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • Expect 24hrs for Turn Around
  • Free if Purchased with $30 in Chemicals*
  • Deliver Spa
  • Install Spa in Desired Location
  • Perform Start-Up & Orientation
  • Drain Spa
  • Shim to Level
  • *May Void Spa Warranty

If you need help with a service, feel free to call us at 605-348-0520.