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Pre-Owned Inventory

At Rapid Spa, we strive to provide an excellent customer experience to all customers, and part of that is providing excellent products.  Our skilled service technicians thoroughly inspect each tub that we purchase and handle any necessary maintenance or repair items.  We stand by our pre-owned inventory, and we want to give our customers a piece of mind, so our pre-owned inventory is backed by a 3-month warranty.

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A well-maintained hot tub from Rapid Spa is likely to last you 20-30 years, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same one for all those years.  As your family grows, or the kids move away, or you find yourself needing a more therapeutic hot tub, Rapid Spa offers a transparent trade-in program that allows you to update or upgrade.  Trading at Rapid Spa is hassle-free, as we’ll pick up your old hot tub when we deliver and install your new one!  New technology in water care is also a reason many folks decide to trade-in.  Whether you’ve been dreaming about one of the newest saltwater hot tubs, or relaxing in a hot tub with the chlorine-free copper system, Rapid Spa’s got it! Come in and check out the newest hot tubs from Marquis Spas and Caldera Spas to see the latest in energy efficiency and hydrotherapy.  Let us know what you’ve got to trade-in, and we’ll make a fair deal!