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Chlorine Free Copper System

Every hot tub needs to have a sanitizer in the water to be able to stay clean, clear, and safe.  The sanitizer you use in your hot tub is what is responsible for killing bacteria and algae in the water and allows for you to not have to change the water after every use.  Copper has been known to be a natural sanitizer for thousands of years.



What is It?

The chlorine free copper system is an aftermarket piece of equipment that we install on your spa that uses copper to sanitize your water. With a copper system you no longer need to use chlorine. The system consists of a cell that gets installed in the plumbing of your hot tub and a control box that is installed behind the front panel of your hot tub.

What Does It Do?

The copper system sanitizes and oxidizes the water allowing for continual sanitization without the need to add additional forign sanitizers and/or oxidizers. It keeps your water safe, clean, clear.

Why Install One On My Hot tub?

What Maintenance Is Involved?

Your weekly maintenance consists of:

  1. Test Phosphate level
  2. Test PH
  3. Test Copper
  4. Use Oil Gone
  5. Clean Filter
Rapid Spa offers white glove service on the purchase of every chlorine free copper system. We Drain your hot tub, install the system, refill and rebalance your hot tub with copper and finally give you a thorough orientation so you can successfully take care of your water. Have more questions? You can always call or drop in with questions.